About Me


Since I was 16 years old

My name is Mike. I have been an artist as long as I can remember. I started making jewelry in high school at age 16. I went to trade school after I graduated and learned Watch Repair and Jewelry Repair and manufacturing. I have evolved into an interesting interface between you and your design.


Computer Aided Jewelry Design

Every ring or pendant I ever made for 20+ years, I hand carved in wax. In 2005, I was afforded the opportunity to learn a Jewelry-specific design software. After 12 years of continuous use in the retail setting, I am now able to offer my services to the trade.


Building for your setter

I was a one-man shop for a jewelry store for 18+ years. Then  2+ years working in a three-man shop doing primarily CAD/grow/cast/set. I have always been the setter that I was building for.  I can help your setter by building to his or her specific ideas of perfect. 

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